02 April 2019


MiQ is assembling.

Teams from across the world - New York, Denver, Dallas, LA, Chicago, Washington DC, London, Manchester, Toronto, Hamburg, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore - are descending on our Center of Excellence in Bangalore for Spark24.

Strong coffees have been drunk, jet lag has been honked away by a thousand tuk-tuks, and the mood in the office is excited. After all the waiting, it’s on.

The super-smart data scientists, analysts and engineers in our Bangalore office are competitive at the best of times. Spark24 is putting that into overdrive. When the 20 teams start the hackathon on Wednesday afternoon, make no mistake: everyone is playing to win.

But the excitement goes beyond that. This week clients are joining us from Denstu Aegis Group, Mediacom, ANKOMM DACH, Good Apple, and Wavemaker, to participate in the event and see what ideas we can spark together to find solutions for their businesses. This is a massive opportunity for us to show Marketing Intelligence in action, and we’re ready to take that chance with both hands.

We’re also really pleased to welcome our guest speakers: Rajiv Sundar, senior partner at Deloitte and Corin Wilson, first secretary of advanced engineering at the British High Commission. We would also like to welcome our guest judge: Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran, director of digital risk at Deloitte India. As well as assessing the work of our competing teams and choosing the winner, we’re looking forward to hearing them speak about innovation, technology and the importance of Marketing Intelligence - and why Bangalore is such an important place for all of those things.

If you want to follow what’s going on at Spark24, we’ll be sending updates throughout the week, reaching a fever pitch with the 24 hour hackathon itself. Check out the MiQ YouTube channel for all the latest news.