14 July 2020

The future of understanding consumer behaviour

Why we are partnering with Skyrise Intelligence in the UK to harness the power of mobile data in a privacy-first world

More than ever, marketers need to understand consumer behaviour beyond their first party data assets (CRM, pixel tracking etc). Which is why mobile data provides such a huge opportunity: mobile devices are where people spend an increasing amount of their online time. They go to work with them, use apps to help them navigate their daily lives, and access the open web to search for the things they care about all from one device. 

This unique nature of mobile, creates a huge data footprint that means marketers can better understand their existing and future customers and market to them more effectively. 

But, in a world where data is increasingly fragmented and evolving, privacy regulation poses a deeper challenge when it comes to understanding behaviours of existing and potential customers, marketers need to tap into this behavioural data and effectively use it for planning and for activation strategies.

That’s a challenge we’re really excited to find solutions to - and, with the hastening move towards a cookieless world, we’ve been looking at ways we can continue delivering insights-driven, high-performance programmatic campaigns without relying on cookie data.  That’s why we’ve partnered with Skyrise Intelligence - a business that will let us do what we do even better.

Privacy-first mobile data

Our first-to-market partnership with Skyrise Intelligence gives us the opportunity to drive even more outcomes for brands and media agencies by taking a unique privacy-first approach to customer data analysis based on UK mobile network data.

Powered by this new dataset, we can draw insights from location and movement data, browsing behaviour and app usage, and then apply our data science and expertise to inform marketing strategies, media planning and activation based on audience’s digital consumption. 

The Skyrise data set gives us access to an audience of over 20m users - is anonymised and privacy compliant by design. In other words, it means we can find insights for both brands and their competitors without the need for pixels, cookies or spending any media budget. 

The quality of the Skyrise Intelligence dataset, combined with our existing data sets, gives our people - our data science experts, our analysts, and our programmatic traders - the opportunity to do what they do even better. 

A unique approach to omnichannel advertising

Working with Skyrise complements our own approach to delivering omnichannel programmatic campaigns to meet specific business goals. 

Whether it's reach and awareness, performance, or footfall, we start by understanding what our clients need to achieve to set them up for success before a single impression fires. Skyrise data means we can tap into a wealth of mobile behavioural data. 

This data allows us to better reach the most valuable audiences our clients care about by understanding what mobile web domains they visit online, the locations they work/live/travel to, the best times of day and the best days of the week for engagement, and the apps they use each day. 

We can then connect that to the MiQ ecosystem of over 170 additional data streams to build powerful custom bidding strategies that can deliver outcomes across whatever channel is going to hit the goals our clients care about: Video, mobile, desktop, DOOH and so on. 

Our measurement solutions allow our traders to understand just where and what are driving outcomes and then continue to optimise the bidding strategy to go even further. Skyrise means our clients can build a powerful planning strategy to activate effectively before a pound of media spend is invested.

We’re extremely excited about this new partnership and how it helps us deliver on our promise of delivering better connected marketing.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can use Skyrise Intelligence to deliver more from your campaigns, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at or fill in our contact form and we'll be in touch.