24 June 2020

Advanced TV: Make the leap from good to great

Activating connected marketing across the new TV landscape is a huge challenge.

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that the way people consume TV has completely changed. Gone are the days of the family simply crowding around one TV set to watch their favorite scheduled linear shows. Now consumers have more choice over the content they watch, how they access it, and when and where they watch. While time spent per day with live TV declined by 6% from Q4 2018 to Q4 2019 for US adults 18-plus, time spent per day with internet connected devices went up by 33% and time on smartphone by 38%*. And nearly 67% of the US population now use OTT services** which can range from subscription-funded services like Netflix, to ad-supported services like Hulu, and from traditional cable content like Sling TV, to user-generated digital video like YouTube.  But it all has one thing in common - it’s digital.

These new ways of consuming TV generate huge amounts of new “TV” digital data which has become the last frontier of siloed media for marketers to crack. The opportunity to connect viewership data to other data assets such as location, demographic, or real-world macro triggers like social and weather data is vast, but many marketers still struggle to connect linear viewership to CTV for efficient campaign activation.

According to a recent study we conducted in conjunction with Digiday, ‘The Programmatic Promise,’ 100% of the US advertisers we spoke to say they struggle with siloed data, causing 67% of them to target the same individuals across multiple platforms, and leading to inefficient budgeting for 65% of them; lost revenue for 29%.

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To connect all this data across media together for more efficient targeting can seem like a daunting task for marketers, and now more than ever in 2020’s uncertain economic climate, budgets need to work harder in minimizing wasted investment in these channels. But at MiQ these are exactly the problems we exist to solve.


Start with reach - 20 million SMART TVS ACROSS US households.

Marketers present us with many challenges - one we hear very often when it comes to TV is reach. It’s hard to scale your audience reach across such a fragmented landscape of linear, CTV, desktop and mobile. This issue of reach is usually the foundation to build on to solve the other problems that follow, like how to manage frequency at a user level and how to attribute your TV spend to actual digital conversions.

At MiQ we’ve taken a unique approach to connecting TV data in an holistic way to bring better programmatic activation across OTT and digital to clients, and it starts with household reach.

We have always partnered with the best data and media providers in each specialist field, to allow us to provide a strong, holistic offering all in one place. Our approach to TV data is no different, and we are proud to offer anonymized viewership data from approximately 20 million smart TV sets across some of the largest TV manufacturers in the US.

As a result of our collaboration with Nielsen, we are able to activate a wider range of households than ever before. The use of Nielsen's Smart TV Data with demographics provides us with stronger analytic insights and targeting capabilities.  

This ability to gather 1:1 viewership data from millions of US homes, coupled with our method of creating deep, granular and direct data integrations with ACR data providers bring better targeting to our clients by allowing us to start with a large and rich pool of data across both linear and CTV and connect it to 1.7 billion digital devices at the household level.


Then reconcile your ad frequency across your audience for more informed investments.

Beyond just extending their reach, marketers need the ability to use the data from connecting all of the TV screens and buying points, to run more analytically driven activations that go way beyond off the shelf segments. By gathering insights from our deeper TV data connections before a campaign runs, we can optimize more efficiently on OTT and digital campaigns before a single impression fires, improving performance from day zero. 

This is the difference between good and great when it comes to advanced TV buying. Data analytics, when done right, is not a static thing that can be performed in one simple UI. For example, a relatively good TV strategy is to run a campaign on CTV and on digital to augment your linear plan; then report on your reach and frequency across screens. But you may already have wasted budget by oversaturating a small portion of your audience on linear TV, and therefore missed the opportunity to reach additional people on digital - before you even had a chance to optimize.

By connecting 1:1 viewership data from our direct pipelines into our powerful Analytics Studio, we analyse your reach and frequency across both linear and OTT before an impression even fires, and start with a more optimal targeting strategy on digital from day 1.


Then unleash the power of programmatic.

With access to data on such a granular level, we can also drill down into the insights and add extra layers of audience segmentation based not only on device-level reach, but on differing levels of saturation, proximity to a store, or the type of content watched previous to your ad. This is where programmatic gets really cool, because by piping those customized segments directly into our trading tech, we enable much stronger connection of these analytics into activation. And through our constantly curated access to first party CTV deals across the world’s leading DSPs, there’s no limit to where you can activate your more intelligent campaigns.

We can even go one step further and create a custom bidding algorithm, which is what allows us to optimize towards the best reach and frequency throughout the campaign to improve results straight off the bat. We can also then begin to think about optimizing towards outcomes, not just reach - such as online purchases or store visitation, by targeting the highest value segments at the right frequency on the right platforms. 

This level of custom analytics to activation can’t be executed through a single self-service black box buying platform, but that means that one of the barriers to many marketers is the resource needed to pull it off. That’s why we focus on developing the best people, connective tech and world-class partnerships to execute Advanced TV on behalf of our clients.

For more information on how we can help you take your advanced TV strategy from good to great, reach out to us to find out more.


*Q4 2019 Nielsen Total Audience Report

** eMarketer, US Video Viewer Growth by Provider, 02 2020