28 August 2019

How to do personalization in a world without cookies

“Marketers are relying more than ever on first-party data to personalize customer experiences, though external data still plays a major role.” eMarketer

But with new laws like GDPR and the steady decline of cookie data, it’s becoming more and more difficult for marketers to personalize the customer experience. Not having the right data source and the right data can make it difficult to engage customers and retain their attention. We need to become more creative with the data available to us, to capture the attention of our consumers and make sure they’re fully engaged. 

"Capturing consumers' attention within real-world moments"

One way we can understand a consumer is to learn about their everyday life through the events and moments they experience. But, most of the time, digital ads only take into account what’s happening in the immediate digital environment, not what’s happening in the real-world. To get your audience’s full attention, you need the full picture - the online and offline forces that shape consumer awareness, preferences, and purchases. With Moments, you can pair user-level behavioral data with broader trends to create a user experience that’s much more likely to resonate. 

Take, for example, a weather moment like a snow storm. A marketer working with a home improvement retailer will have the wheels in their brain turning when they find out that a huge snow storm will impact the east coast of the US. In this instance they can activate insights on that campaign to target consumers about snow shovels and different products that can help them offset the snow storm impact. But what if we wanted to get even more granular? 

Taking hyper-personalization to the next level

As a modern marketer it’s essential to tap into data that is specific to a current event, a trend or even a social matter. Because creating a bespoke solution tailored specifically to the audience you are trying to reach, starts with attaining a holistic picture. 

Imagine you are a motor vehicle retailer, generic data sets like weather and sports might not cut it for you when trying to reach your customers in a meaningful way. What you need is to capture real-world moments such as local car show events occurring near your retailer stores, but you lack the data or skillset to quickly react to this kind of event.

Custom Moments means marketers can use niche datasets that resonate with their precise advertising needs. These custom datasets describe specific real life moments that, when correctly framed, can be used to create targeting strategies.

Being able to personalize messages for your consumer and apply insights to activate and propel media campaigns means winning not only for your brand, but winning for your consumer. 

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