06 May 2020

MiQ listed top 11 best firms in India for data scientists to work for

We don’t do what we do to win awards… but we’re not going to lie, it’s certainly very nice to win them. 

Analytics India Magazine has placed MiQ in its 2020 list of Top 11 Best Firms in India for Data Scientists to Work For. The magazine looked at firms in India and around the world with a special focus on work culture, support for learning and development, and employee engagement. The judging criteria also looked at employee retention as a major factor.

This news comes only a month after the Great Place to Work Institute (India) certified our Bengaluru office a great place to work. Thank you to both Analytics India and the Great Place to Work Institute for recognizing the team at our Center of Excellence in Bengaluru.

How the magic happens

The recipe seems complex on paper, but comes together rather easily, with support from our People Team. So, how does it work? Our data science team sits at our Center of Excellence and is composed of 40 data scientists and 60 data analysts. Each member of the team is able to achieve success in the workplace through a delicate balance of discovery and delivery. Meaning, the team is given the space to participate in long-term innovation areas as well as immediate quarterly deliverables.

The data science team sits at the heart of everything that we do as a business; connected with their commercial counterparts in pods across the globe, their work has a direct impact on solving business problems for our clients.

Together with an enriching learning and development environment, with ample opportunities for growth, data scientists participate in our Know-How professional development sessions, attend lectures and conferences. Our annual hackathons provide a space to innovate and solve challenges for MiQ and our clients, with events like Spark24 and HackiQ

Data scientists, together with all global MiQ employees have access to our coveted Future Leader Program. The Program is about empowering individuals with leadership development. Future Leaders are exposed to specific development and resources in an effort to: build their awareness of self and others, evolve their influencing methods, strengthen their business acumen, and much more.

“This is a great achievement from our amazing team in Bengaluru.  Our data scientists are at the heart of MiQ’s ability to deliver for our clients. Thank you to them for making working at MiQ so welcoming.” - Gurman Hundal, Co-founder and CEO

"This recognition is a testament to the relentless focus our data science and analytics teams have on creating sustainable value for MiQ & MiQ’s customers, both in the short term (through our product and insights deliveries) as well as in the mid-to-longer term (through our innovation/discovery focus). By effectively scaling the various data science and analytics solutions, this “value creation engine” is further turbo-charged through the prowess of our tech and engineering teams."  - Anshuman Gupta, VP Data Science

Come work with us

If you’re interested in joining our team, please get in touch through our Careers page.