03 December 2019

How to Turn Global Talent Into Tomorrow’s Leaders

Introducing the Future Leader Program

At MiQ, we have a global team. Seventeen offices in eight countries - and a whole lot of talent in each. 

That means one of our big priorities is equipping talented people with the skills and abilities they need to lead teams and lead our business as we grow. 

That’s where the Future Leader Program (FLP) comes in. The FLP is our global talent development program for employees who exhibit leadership potential. Designed entirely around leadership-specific training, it’s our way of providing high performing talent with the development and resources to ensure they are effective leaders when opportunities arise. 

To get onto the intensive program, people in our business apply by completing an application, rating themselves on key leadership competencies and sharing their motivation for applying and what they hope to achieve. The final list of participants is then chosen by our senior business leads and board members, in partnership with our Learning and Development (L&D) team. 

L&D is our dedicated talent team resource, which gives employees opportunities to learn by providing in-person and online training offerings, leadership programs, and initiatives that encourage MiQ’s culture of continuous learning.


What happens at an FLP offsite?

During the course of the FLP, participants attend a multitude of workshops, group-project experiences, off-sites, virtual learning, and coaching sessions to help grow their skills.

We believe one of the most impactful ways to learn is by doing. That’s why at every offsite our Future Leaders are divided into project groups and given a business challenge to solve. Members of the L&D team are on hand to facilitate trainings and provide coaching for all Future Leaders to help the project groups build their solution. 

While every offsite is unique, Future Leaders always spend time participating in training workshops, solving business challenges within project groups, and presenting their solutions to board members. And there’s time to develop and strengthen relationships with each other as well as the board weaved throughout every offsite .

What happens next?

As you can imagine, our Future Leaders come up with loads of innovative solutions. And, because they’re solving critical business challenges, their solutions often inform decisions made by the Board and leading to positive changes in the business. For example, a rewrite of one of our core values was recommended during the May offsite and updated on our website by the next day.

To take a look at the most recent FLP event in Toronto, check out the video below.