01 October 2019

New Suite of Analytics Solutions to Generate Insights and Drive Real Business Growth

Incremental Lift, the first solution available within the MiQ Measure suite, will help make measurement more actionable and intuitive through incrementality and optimization

MiQ, the leader in Marketing Intelligence and connected programmatic solutions, has announced the launch of its new suite of analytics products, Measure. Drawing on MiQ’s existing analytics solutions, leveraging data science as a service model, the Measure product suite has been designed to help marketers define the metrics that matter in order to optimize return on investment and drive real business growth.

Campaign measurement remains a key challenge for marketers, as shown in a recent Advertiser Perceptions study that consistently ranked measuring and proving ROI as a top five challenge for marketers across the US, UK and Canada. The Measure suite aims to address this, closing the loop between analytics and activation. By ensuring incrementality testing is streamlined and unbiased, it also provides the opportunity to use those insights to actually influence campaign performance, not just measure it. With Measure, MiQ can build custom algorithms that plug into demand-side platforms to allow clients to be more targeted and effective with bidding and optimization, ensuring programmatic execution is effectively delivered and in line with business objectives. 

Incremental Lift, the first solution available from the Measure suite, places incrementality - the ability to measure the causal impact of a campaign investment - at its core. Incremental Lift uses non-viewable ads - those that are never seen by the human eye as they appear ‘below the fold’ on a website - to prove this cause and effect impact. It reveals the difference in impact on a given metric such as site visits, conversions or sales between the group exposed to an ad campaign and those not exposed. This, in turn, helps marketers understand the true ROI of their campaigns, drive continuous improvement and optimize towards further lift in-flight. MiQ’s unique In View methodology also allows for easier, more cost-effective, and always-on incrementality measurement than conventional A/B testing methods like Ghost Ads or Charity Ads.

“Despite industry awareness of the importance of measurement, our clients regularly face challenges in accurately measuring and interpreting results because they’ve found the methods available are often inadequate, misleading, slow, or too expensive,” said Blane Sims, Chief Product Officer at MiQ. “The attribution tools available on the market today do not live up to their promises - to prove ROI, increase performance, and ensure true transparency, we need to help marketers define the metrics that really matter, not just those that are easy to measure. The only real way to do this is by understanding the incremental value of consumers and channel investment, recognizing that each consumer is unique as is their value to the business.”

With Incremental Lift, marketers can easily access campaign insights and apply these results and measure these against goals and objectives in-flight. Using a campaign’s non-viewable ads to prove incrementality, Incremental Lift ensures there is no disruption to campaign setup and no additional media cost, all within an extremely transparent methodology to drive better reach, performance and return on marketing investment. It also taps into MiQ’s programmatic expertise, with access to multiple activation channels and a powerhouse of more than 200 analysts and solution experts skilled in analytics and measurement to have a direct impact on the bottom line.  

In addition to Incremental Lift, MiQ has plans to announce two further analytics solutions within the Measure suite of products. 


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