05 August 2019

Mobile Marketing Intelligence: The superpower that lets marketers be the hero


Written by: Jason Furlano, VP Sales at MiQ Canada

Superpowers are fun. That’s why we’ve all played the game: if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Invisibility? Mind-reading? X-ray vision? Flight? It’s exciting to imagine all the things you could do once you go beyond the boundaries of the possible and into the realm of the impossible. If you ask a marketer, we think the answer would look a lot like Mobile Marketing Intelligence. It gives marketers a precise view into consumer behaviours, motivations and patterns so they can make much smarter decisions at a speed they never thought possible, targeting the highest value potential customers with personalized messages that are most likely to make them convert. Mobile Marketing Intelligence is the superpower that lets marketers Be the Hero.

Why mobile, why now?

Mobile devices have become an extension of our bodies. In 2018, over half of Canadians digital consumption was on a mobile device. And that represents an incredible opportunity for Canadian marketers to reach their customers where they are.

As Alice Carroll, brand manager at Corby, said at the recent MiQ Mobile Marketing Intelligence panel: “Mobile is driving all sorts of efficiencies in terms of targeting. We’re not doing the guesswork of figuring out where our customers might see traditional media. We can now geotarget, we can see exactly what they’re engaging with, we can even see the way they’re talking online and using that language instead of marketing jargon.” Unlike desktop digital behaviour which just tell us what customers do online, mobile also provides rich data as to where customers are when they do it. That means marketers can combine customer data (What do they buy? Where do they go online? Are they a repeat customer?) with macro influencers (How does weather impact behaviour? What social media topics are they interested in? What TV do they watch?) and location data (how often do they visit your store? Do they go to competitors? Have they seen your digital-out-of-home?). By connecting all these datasets through Mobile Marketing Intelligence, you can build insights that strap a rocket to you media activation.

What does Mobile Marketing Intelligence look like?

Mobile Marketing Intelligence is all about finding out more about your consumer so you can hit them with the right message and the right time, just when they’re looking for you.

Here’s what it looks like in practice.

Let’s say you’re a coffee shop. Nothing’s better than someone buying a coffee, right?


That’s the first big insight. Your most valuable customers are the ones that stop to buy a coffee and breakfast too. That’s great to know. But here’s the thing. At the moment, your digital advertising hits your breakfast and non-breakfast buyers both the same. That’s a waste.

But here’s how Mobile Marketing Intelligence can help.

First, you can use mobile location data to work out which consumers have already stopped to buy breakfast, so you can target the hungry ones and the ones only looking for a coffee differently.

Then, you can test different messaging to work out which media is driving which customers to you, so you can spend more on what’s working… and less on what’s not.

And you can make this all responsive so you can change your messaging in real time. So, if it’s a hot, sunny day you can promote an offer for a delicious chilled frappuccino and fruit salad. But if it’s cold and miserable you can send out ads for hot chocolate and your lovely warm porridge bowls.

Finally, we can get to know more about the customers who are spending at your competitors’ stores, so we know exactly the right time and place to try to get them to change their habits and get their breakfast with you instead.

Time to Be the Hero

Mobile Marketing Intelligence makes clear what you knew in your gut all along: you shouldn’t market to each location and each customer in the same way. By getting powerful mobile insights around customers you can do awesome things like drive repeat store visitors, find new product categories and work out the impact different macro factors have on your audience. It means you can do more than just meet your KPIs. It means you can supercharge your marketing strategy and get the whole business to take notice.

It’s time to Be the Hero with Mobile Marketing Intelligence.

Click here here to download the latest MiQ Mobile Study 'Be where your customers are: How Canadian marketers can use mobile location-targeting to drive results' to learn more.