07 May 2018


By Rebecca Mahony, CMO

There is no dispute that, via machine learning tools, marketers have become more adept at identifying what consumers are doing and how they take those actions.

Where the industry falls short, however, is understanding why those consumers are behaving the way, they are, what their motivations are, the priorities driving any given decision – and then activating messaging that makes a demonstrable difference to the business measurable by relevant business-critical KPIs.

This is the gap between data, insight and appropriate action.

Filling that gap doesn’t start with technology or analytics per se. It starts with asking the right questions, and then using a combination of technology, AI and Human Intelligence to devise and execute the right strategy. It is through the access to this diverse and comprehensive perspective on user behavior, along with the data science and human ingenuity required to distil this, that MiQ provides Marketing Intelligence which decodes the consumer and drive meaningful business outcomes.

This is the role of Marketing Intelligence.

When it succeeds, it puts marketers at the core of the business, the hub around which other business functions perform, and drives relevant and measurable business outcomes.

In simple terms, Marketing Intelligence extracts insights from a brand’s data assets to fuel business strategy, rather than just being a vehicle to execute upon. It connects marketing to business outcomes.

To help you navigate this new landscape and see how you can transform your business, we have put together a Tips Guide for Implementing a Marketing Intelligence Approach.

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