08 May 2018


After 8 years as Media iQ, we are proud to officially launch our new brand identity MiQ, today. Not only does this mark a momentous day in our company’s history, but it is a day where we refocus our business strategy towards a new category, Marketing Intelligence. Data is one of the most important currencies a brand has access to and is essential for business growth. It was this new currency that lead us to realize that we needed to reposition our thinking in becoming the leading Marketing Intelligence company. Our vision is to reimagine the value of marketing and allow our clients to better connect their data and inform business outcomes. We are the company that connects all the data dots and offers businesses actionable insights, whether that is across our media offering, our analytics solutions or our tech, that result in transformative business decisions.

So, what is Marketing Intelligence and what does this mean for MiQ? Well, for us here at MiQ, we define Marketing Intelligence as the information needed to drive business outcomes, elevating insights to fuel brand strategy, rather than just optimize tactics. We also believe that Marketing Intelligence is about understanding who our consumers are, and what drives their decisions. Online browsing, offline location and purchases, multi-channel touchpoints – even the cultural and economic trends around us – all offer their own unique part of the answer.

On a very practical note, 18 months ago we realized that the technology that we’d built to run ad campaigns had outgrown its purpose. Whilst programmatic advertising typically only forms a fraction of a marketer’s activity & focus, the big data capabilities underpinning it could be used to make their whole strategy more effective. Since then we’ve completely restructured our tech: by abstracting these big data capabilities from our media buying, and re-forming them into programmable services (APIs) that can be used and re-used to solve a whole host of marketing challenges. Think IBM Watson but focused purely on marketing challenges.

Whilst the tech giants in our space are focused on building rigid platforms to fill this gap, our philosophy is distinctly different – each company, their customers and their challenges are unique – our Marketing Intelligence micro-services, combined with the advice & attention of people that understand this space, can be used to create exact-fit solutions for the challenges that marketers face today.

We hope that you like our new brand identity as much as we do! We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business and support and we look forward to working together even closer in the future.

Gurman & Lee